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Intelligent sequencing is the key to making your class feel graceful. It allows your students to move freely into their movements, assisting their bodies in preparation for whatever direction your class is planning to take.

Our one-day sequencing workshop is designed to give you the basis for creating an intelligent sequence.  Breaking down the poses and defining why each pose can assist, lead in, or be more beneficial before or after another pose. It’s designed to be fun and movement-oriented while building your skills. 


Yoga Sequencing Workshop Details

After our one-day workshop, you will feel more secure in your sequencing, and have a greater understanding of what should go where and why!

The following topics will be covered:

  • Essential movements

  • Spinal safety

  • Building to a peak pose

  • Turning inward: sequencing for safe, effective forward bends

  • Creating space and freedom: how to sequence for safe, effective backbends

  • Letting go of tension: sequencing for safe, effective twists

  • Taking flight: sequencing for strong, stable arm-balancing

  • Inversions: teaching handstand, forearm balance, headstand, and shoulder stand

  • Beyond the Asanas: how to sequence for contemplative and energetic themes


Cost is $199 and the workshop is CEC-accredited for anyone in the fitness industry.

Course is open to anyone with a minimum 200hr Yoga Teaching Certification.  Space is limited for quality teacher to student ratios so book early!!

led by Sue Inshaw (E-RYT500, RPYT, RYS, YACEP, FIS)*This training qualifies towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Fall 2020 Dates and locations TBA. Contact us to express your interest.

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